STEVE TALBOT MA Artist/Designer Assemblage and collage are challenging because anyone can do them. We all have a certain point of reference, and we might intuitively put odd things together to make a satisfying object. The minute you take different pieces and try and put them together into an entity, they are transformed. Collage allows the artist to explore simultaneously the mysterious spaces between high art and popular culture, text and image, figuration and abstraction, past and present, two and three-dimensional space.

A former Production Designer with over 20 years experience with the BBC and a solid reputation for contributing an original and creative approach to film and television productions.
A career change with a return to study (MA. Heritage Studies) led to a new role working in Museums and Galleries.



Boxes fascinate me. Toys, gifts received has a child, cowboys and Indians, model trains etc. came boxed in packages with plastic window fronts, displaying the treasures inside. Since humans have been able to call precious objects their own, they have had a need to keep them in suitable receptacles. Boxes accordingly serve the purpose of preserving and protecting beloved, revered and fragile things.
In the museum, objects are displayed in a vitrine, a glass paneled case for displaying articles such as china, objects d'art or fine merchandise. I love old papers- letters, pages of diaries and ledgers, anything with the mark of a hand. I love the history of printing and old books. These are things resonant with memory. Working in collage this way, and with these materials, is an act of remembering. How we remember the past determines the way we inhabit the present. The souvenir is also of great significance in my work. My intimate boxes and assemblages are presented as treasured collections, fossils of memories, that begs the questions who, what, where?


2009-Present Operations Manager. People's History Museum. Manchester.
2003-2009 Operations Manager. Foundation for Art and Creative Technology.Liverpool.
2001 - 2002 MA. Heritage Studies. University of Salford.
1996 - 2000 Design Craft Coordinator BBC Resources.
1983 - 2000 Production Designer BBC Television.
1979 - 1983 Design Assistant BBC.
1976 - 1979 Nottingham Trent. BA (Hons) Theatre Design.
1975 - 1976 Regional College of Art. Hull.


2018 Solo Exhibition. Centre Space Gallery. Spode Museum.
2018 Byron's Bear and other Fables. Kirkby Gallery. Solo
2018 Frankenstein.2018. Kirkby Gallery, Knowsley.
2018 Lancashire Open.
2018 Liverpool Art Fair.
2018 Waterside Open. Sale. Grt. Manchester.
2018 Ferens Open. Hull

2017 Atkinson Museum and Gallery.Southport. Solo Exhibition.
2017 National Museum of Mexican Art. Chicago. USA.
2017 Knowsley Open
2017 Lancashire Open. Commended.
2017 Ferens Open. Hull. Capital of Culture Exhibition.
2017 Grosvenor Open. Chester.
2017 Liverpool Open.

Tilica y Flaca es la Calaca. National Museum of Mexican Art.
Chicago. Installation. Veintidos 22.

2016 Winter Tales. Chapel Gallery
2016 Knowsley Open
2016 West Lancashire Open
2016 Crafted. Huyton Gallery and Kirby Gallery
2016 Liverpool Art Fair
2016 Liverpool Open

2015 Warrington Contemporary.
2015 West Lancashire Open.
2015 One Year On. Waterside Art Centre. Sale Manchester.
2015 Liverpool Open
2015 Editions Gallery. Liverpool.
2015 Grosvenor Museum Open. Chester.
2015 Host. Gallery at Bank Quay House. Warrington.

2014 Out of the Box. No Format Gallery London.
2014 Warrington Contemporary.
2014 Discerning Eye Mall Gallery London
2014 Searching:Unexpected Treasures. Bridewell Gallery Liverpool.
2014 Wrecsam Open
2014 West Lancashire Open.
2014 Liverpool Open.
2014 Out of the Box.Fringe Arts Bath.
2014 Art in/around/from a box. One Church Street Gallery.
2014 Boxes of Resonance. Solo Exhibition Stockport Art Gallery.
2014 Editions Gallery Liverpool.
2014 Waterside Open. 3rd. Prize.

2013 Warrington Contemporary.
2013 Land,Sea,Sky. Chapel Gallery.
2013 West Lancashire Open.
2013 Python Open. Warrington.
2012 Crocus Gallery Nottingham Open 3. Commended. 3 works.
2012 West Lancashire Open. 3rd. Prize.
2012 The Open Contemporary Stockport.
2012 Waterside Open. 3 works commended.

2017 Atkinson Museum and Gallery.Southport. Solo Exhibition.

2018 Kirkby Gallery Solo Exhibition. Byron's Bear.