Ofrenda. Veitidos 22 The piece takes the form of an ofrenda (offering) a collection of objects arranged as an alter/shrine (?) to encourage and welcome the dead to feel at home. A material thing-a stone, a photograph and old shoe can become a shrine when it is displayed in a way that evokes inspiration, meaning, respect or reverence. The commonplace can return our thoughts over and over to something we choose to recall.

Date of incident. 22 May 2017
Age of perpetrator. 22 years old
Number of Dead. 22.

In the aftermath of the Manchester attack on 22 May 2017, The National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago wanted to show its support for the city. They invited PHM to contribute to their autumn exhibition Day of the Dead. Led by ancient traditional practices the exhibition also recognises tragedies taking place in current times. I was commissioned to make an installation. Veintidos. (Twenty Two), made up of 23 clear acrylic boxes. 22 of the boxes take the form of ofrendas (offerings); carefully selected objects intended for those who lost their lives in the attack to feel at home and perhaps smile. They have not been forgotten.The final box is empty. The installation will return to PHM for future display following the exhibition in Chicago.